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"Let me do the work when you don't have the time!"
Affordable Farm Maintenance
Along the way he's learned the value of a dollar
and knows when something can be fixed instead of being replaced. This saves you money and truly makes him "a master of farm repair" !

Besides helping people, George's first love is his children, George Jr. and Cheyenne. George has sole custody of both and is a dedicated father. They love all outdoor activities including riding, fishing and going to the beach. Unless he's at work, you'll always see him with his family.

Everyone who has hired George knows that you're not only getting a job well done but even better, you'll be gaining a life long friend, who'll always be there when you need him!

If you have a job that you don't want to do, or you need an extra hand, please give George a call.
There is no charge for consultations or estimates.

Other Services

                                                      cell: 386. 402-3386
email: KingsCompleteMaintenance@gmail.com
 email: KingsCompleteMaintenance@gmail.com
has been a life long resident of this area. He grew up riding and caring for the family horses, helping with their lawn business and even attended ATI. He says he's fascinated by all areas of mechanical engineering!
Recent Jobs:

Trimmed hedges,
Welded a tractor rake,
Serviced a lawn tractor,
Pressure washed a barn,
Trimmed trees in an arena,
Replaced a crushed fence,
Took a tree down off of a barn,
Weed eated a whole 14 acre farm,
Replaced the tail light on a client's truck,
Built new farm fences, both wire and wood,
Cut up and hauled away another huge tree,
Repaired the hotwire around a boarding farm,
Replaced the hydraulic lines on a client's tactor,
Built multiple 8 ft high stud paddocks from wood,
      I'm Ready To Help
With Anything You Need !
It was perfect timing that I was there when a client's hydraulic line broke.

I took the hose to town to have it replaced and installed it the next day.

I'm currently fabricating replacement tines for their arena groomer which I will welded
on site.
"What Job Can I Do For You?"
         cell: 386. 402-3368
  I'm willing to tackle any job & I'll appreciate your business !
George "King" Rome
When you have a job you don't want to do:
Call George!
What Job Can I Do For You ?